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Welcome to Taipei Water Management Office,
     Taipei water source district is located in the southeastern of Taipei Metropolitan. The administrative district covers 717 square kilometers, including five districts: Pinglin, Wulai, Shihding, Shuangxi and Xindian; equivilent to one third of New Taipei City.

     In order to supply water for 5 million people living in Greater Taipei, we have endeavored to take effective measures in preserving the water resources over the last twenty years.

     The management of sustainable water resources is not only our ideal or trend, but it is also our ultimate goal. Instead of a short-term project that can be achieved overnight, it is a long-term effort that needs your fully support and participation. With your helpful comments and valuable advice, we promise to devote ourselves to accomplishing every task in the future.
Best wishes,

Director of Taipei Water Management Office 
Wen-Shang Chou