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Because of the fierce impact of urbanization, frequent title changes of land, increasing population, and the ardent demand of land, the violated use of watershed at the reservoirs have become very serious. The issues of environmental pollution and water pollution, such as family sewage, are also getting more and more critical; therefore, water resource management should be given serious consideration to ensure the sustainable use of our water resources.

 To protect the safety and cleanliness of water supplies for Taipei, which currently has a population of about 5 million, the Taiwan Provincial Government founded the “Taipei Water Management Committee,” on April 1, 1984. This committee worked on behalf of the Taiwan Provincial Government. The purpose of this organization is to maintain the upper stream of Chingtan Weir at Hsin-Dian River, including the safety and purity of the fountainhead, water quality, and water quantity for Nan-Shih River and Pei-Shih River.

 Because of the downsizing of Taiwan Provincial Government, starting from July 1, 1999, the organization’s responsibilities were shifted to the Ministry of Economics and all the staffs were transferred. The organization was then renamed, the “Taipei Water Management Committee of the Ministry of Economics”.

 Since March 28, 2002 onward, the Water Resources Agency (WRA) would be held accountable for the Taipei Water Management Office, which used to be an institute under MOEA.