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Taipei Water Management Office of Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs


Taipei particular area bureau of the water fountainheads was established on 1, April , 73 of the Republic of China , and changed the system as the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taipei Water Management Office . Their main purposes are for keeping of the safety of the drinking waters for about 5 million populations in Taipei area. It is the first water area through city planning to gather security, quality, and capacity all together from the upper stream of Ching-Tan Weir.

  This scope of the particular area covers the Taipei county including of Hsin-Dian, Wulai , Hsu-Din, Pinlin, and Shuang-xi, gathering widely the water amount of 717 square kilometers, sharing 1/3 the area of the whole county administration district. Our main professional affairs is covering about the city plans, the management of the building, and the particular area checked and controlled , the violate rules to be check, forest-prevention & recovery, water and soil conservation and environment to improve the quality & capacity of water to be monitor, prevention of pollution & sewage disposal system & maintenance etc.. 

  Though it is a difficult and complex situation, we have the best water quality in Taiwan after our colleagues work hard and manage with “ practice “, “active", “responsibility”, and “creativity “ to break the obstacles. For above, we are eager to wait for public support and participate in developing water & maintenance all together.  Hereby We wish water resources will work smoothly and reach our goals in order to build a high quality living in Taiwan. With all sincere.

Mr. Chou,Wen-Shang