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The Office is responsible for the water resource management of the upstream watershed of the Chingtan Weir at Hsin-Dian River. 
‧Business Planning: 
 water policy and law making , Personnel training , Policy implementation plan, International 
‧City Planning: 
 major and detail planes modification, comprehensive review of plans, stake setting-up, 
 management and maintenance, and land zoning certificates issuing. 
‧Construction Management: 
 Construction licenses and usage licenses verification and issuing, thoroughly check of 
 buildings, and construction violation investigation and punishment. 
‧Thoroughly check of Land Usage: 
 According to the City Planning regulations, thoroughly check for land zoning in the 
 watersheds. Moreover, establish the current usage database for registered land for land 
 management and planning.
‧Management on land Usage: 
 according to the land zoning regulations for the watersheds, enhance public education and 
 control management for water resource protection, investigate and punish violated 
 behaviors, such as over-cultivating, over-interring, deforestation, illegally excavating soils, 
 illegally constructing roads, land overusing, and staking junks. 
‧Forest management: 
 Retrieve public and private reclamation lands for restoration, afforestation, and the water 
 source conservation. 
‧Water and Soil Conservation: 
 setting budget for water and soil conservation facilities and construction year by year.
‧Water Capacity monitor: 
 set up observation stations for periodically monitoring water capacity, and analyze the 
 changes of water capacities. 
‧Water pollution prevention and cure: 
 water sampling (such as river, community sewage, insecticides and fertilizer effluent, etc.), 
 monitor pollutants, and implement educational programs of pollution prevention and cure. 
‧Environment Maintenance and Improvement:
 Establish refuse disposal system networks of Taipei Water Source Domain, and enhance 
 garbage regular collection, delivery and landfill. 
‧Sewage Disposal System: 
 operate and maintain the Sewage Disposal system at Hsin-Dian and Wulai Districts and 
 the Sewage System in the upper Stream of Feitsui Reservoir.